Research Laboratory on Informal Economy, Institutions and Development

This research laboratory aims to carry out research in the field of informal economy, economic institutions and development.

Recent theoretical corpus on institutional economy opens new avenues of investigation in the field of development with original approaches. In particular, it helps us understand the role of institutions in regulation, growth and development of transition economies.

Thus, the problem of the informal economy falls within this institutionalist perspective that aims to renew our perception of this phenomenon and understand its functioning mechanisms through the implementation of new analytical tools (property rights theory, transaction costs theory, agency theory, etc.). Our emphasis will be on the dimensions of this economy and its characteristics (taxation, black market, and parallel exchange market ...), as well as its determinants and institutional logics that govern the process of informalization of the economy. Here we will analyze phenomena, such as informal employment, corruption, tax evasion, etc.

The second theme intrinsically highlights the role of institutions in the dynamics of development. It investigates the nature of institutions that ensure efficient coordination among economic actors and facilitate the regulation of economic and social system under the framework of current institutional change.

The numerous studies devoted to this subject show that we should not look at the problem from the diptych State-market, but from the perspective of regulation, coordination and institutional arrangements calling for the intervention of multiple actors, such as the state, the market, civil society, and institutions in growth dynamics. Topics on the role of the state, entrepreneurship, organizations, modes of coordination, and economic agents’ behavior, will be addressed taking into further consideration their multiple interactions with the market.

                             Research Laboratory Director: Professor Chaib BOUNOUA